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Paul and Julia Designs is owned and managed by husband and wife Paul and Julia. With a love for fashion and bags, Julia developed the company since 2002, using her skills and passion. Husband Paul overlooks accounting, development, supplies and other essential aspects of the company. Currently, their head office is located at Malden, MA.

The site is dedicated to customers looking for bags that can be custom made according to their preferences. But aside from their custom purses, they also sell several pre-designed totes displayed in different collections. It is noticeable that most of their bags have ‘themed’ prints, making them great for gift-giving and as novelty gifts. The bag styles currently offered on the site includes backpack, diaper bag, handbag, messenger bag, purse, shoulder bag and tote bag. The fabric selection includes floral, cowboy, retro, French toile, pets, teddy bear and holiday themes.

Typically, pre-designed bags cost around $40 – $50. Diaper bags, which are bigger and have more storage space cost more at around $90. Custom bags are about $40 – $70, this largely depending on the size of your product choice.

There are about 8 steps you’d have to go through to design your own Paul Julia bag. You will be given options for size, fabric, lining, strap length, bag closure, additional pockets, strap design and monogramming. There are extra charges for some of the choices. This ranges from $7 – $20. Although the design process is straight-forward, it is but a bit bland and not at all interactive. There is no image representation of the bag you are designing, so it can be hard to visualize the changes and updates along the way.

Production time for custom bags is 24 – 48 hours. Custom backpacks take longer to make and can take around a week to finish. Returns can be accepted if it is within 30 days of purchase. However, bags that are monogrammed can‘t be returned or refunded.

Paul Julia Designs offers nice custom bags at affordable prices. They specialize mostly in themed designs and the style prints are a bit loud and full of personality. This is not the best place for those who want more classic, modern styles. But if you want fun, themed custom bags, you will not be disappointed.

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