How to Make Custom Shoes and Custom Clothing

How to Make Custom ShoesAfter doing some research and browsing over the dozens of online sites that customize clothing and shoes, you’ve finally made a decision on where to buy. But what’s the next step? A lot of first-time customers might be a little perplexed on the next steps after locking in on a site they like.

The great news is – designing custom products is easier than you think! Regardless of your experience in designing or styling, creating the perfect pair of jeans, shoes or shirt is very attainable, as long as you choose a site that’s equipped with a design studio suitable for you. And since not all of these sites have efficient design studios, it is your duty to find one that performs well.

These design studios have different layouts and design platforms but most of them follow the same kind of pattern or steps for customization. There are normally about 3-6 steps, all laid out for you pretty clearly. Design options, fabric options and other style selections should be clearly visible and click-ready as you go through each design step. The range of options will vary from website to website, but the best sites will usually have the most style options to choose from.

Most often than not, these design studios also display an image of the custom product you are designing, which updates with each style change you make. Most of these are 3D images, with views that can be adjusted and rotated for easier inspection. There are also a couple of sites that are not equipped with tools as nice as the others. Some of them have very outdated layouts and the pictures may not be as appealing, too. However, this doesn’t mean that they do not have great products and services. As we have learned in our reviews for custom shoes, custom shirts and other custom items, there are a number of sites that may not look very appealing at first, but still deliver well in terms of product quality and customization services.

A lot of the sites have heavily invested in state-of-the-art technology that allows customers to make custom designs easily. Also, some sites provide guides, instructions and even video tutorials so that the first-time users will not be overwhelmed with what to do. If you’re fairly new in designing your own products online, don’t be scared of the whole process. It’s just like shopping in an unfamiliar store, you might be lost for a while but once you get the hang of it, and know where everything is, the shopping experience becomes more enjoyable.

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