Men’s Platform Shoes

Men’s platform shoes are shoes that that have thick soles. Platform shoes were worn in various cultures in the ancient times. Now, men’s platform shoes are worn generally for fashion and additional height. The soles of men’s platform shoes are often made of rubber, plastic, cork or wood. Platform shoes that have wooden soles are also called “clogs”.
In Ancient Greece, lead characters in the Greek theater wore platform shoes to raise their height. The men of Europe during the 18th century wore platform shoes to avoid the muck of urban streets.
Men’s platform shoes were popular in the United States during the 30’s up to the early 50s. Platform shoes faded from the fashion industry but were again out in the 70s until the late 80s (this was during the “disco” era). Men’s platform shoes are usually worn in parties and clubs. During this period, the platform shoes were a total hit.
Men’s platform shoes were primarily worn by young men to attract attention. Platform shoes give additional height and without the discomfort of wearing of spike heels.
There are various types of styles of men’s platform shoes that were popular in the 70s and 80s. These include espadrilles, sneakers, oxfords, sandals, boots and dress shoes. Popular men’s platform shoes during this period have soles made of cork, wood and synthetic materials. The designs and styles of platform shoes began evolving within this era. The most popular of those styles are the comfort platform shoes. Comfort platform shoes that went out of the market were generally designed as sneakers; comfort platform shoes have the added height of platforms and the support, the fit and the comfort of a sneaker.
Most of the style of today’s platform shoes were from 1940s and 50s eras. Although the platform shoe fad disappeared in the 60s, it somewhat reinstated itself in the fashion world during the late 1990s and early 21st century.
At present times, men’s platform shoes always have their own space on every shoe store.
Buffalo Boots was the most famous brand of all men’s platform shoes 90s. Although there some platform shoes available in the market today that have colorful designs, most platform shoes come in somewhat conservative look. Most of the platform shoes that are now on the market are primarily for instant height increase. Platform shoes make the wearer three inches taller. Some of the designs of men’s platform shoes have soles that are hidden inside the shoes which gives the shoe a normal look. The platform shoes of today are lightweight and comfortable than the platform shoes of the 70s or 80s era. So if you want to be tall and look good at the same time, grab a pair of men’s platform shoes and let’s get down.

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